Reduce Your Phone Contract Bill with These Free Apps


Did you know that one of the culprits of your staggering phone bill is because of your excess call, text and data usage? If you are unfortunate enough to get hooked to the wrong plan, you’re bound to overspend on your phone bill each month. Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce your usage. You can switch to a different plan or use free apps that will let you send texts and make calls at no added costs as well as effectively monitor your data usage.

Here are the best apps you can download today:


Available for both iOS and Android phones, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps you can use for sending free text messages. In addition to the text features, it also allows you to chat with other users who are using the app. You can send photos, maps and more without using your contract phone plan’s data or text allowance.

Text Me!

Another app that lets you send text messages for free is Text Me! It is available in the UK and many other countries across the globe. Just like WhatsApp, you can send texts all day long without any added cost. You can also make calls and enjoy video chats with other people using the same app.


Group messages and chats are more fun with Viber. Over 200 million users all over the world currently use the app. To sign up, you’ll need to use your mobile phone number. After which, you can create group convos including up to 40 people. It also features fun and animated emoticons or stickers you can be integrated at any time during the group chats.


Pinger is available for both iOS and Android phones. Like other text messaging apps, Pinger will let you call, text and send voicemails at no added cost. You get to use a different number other than the one tied to your phone contract plan. Because there’s a voicemail box feature, you can check your messages pretty much anywhere at any time.


Available for different mobile platforms, KakaoTalk is another fun and popular free app that lets you call and text for free. If you’ve exceeded your monthly allowance for calls and texts, KakaoTalk can save the day. It features different custom themes you can switch up to make message a fun and exciting experience.


Dubbed as one of the best free call apps for Android phones, Rebtel allows you to make calls to mobile phones and computers for free. The best part about the app is that it also allows you to make international cost at a much cheaper price than what your carrier charges.

Data Usage

If you’re a heavy data user and you want to keep your usage in check, Data Usage can help you do just that. The app is available for iOS devices. Once set up, the app will monitor your data usage over a period of time. You can set thresholds so you never have to exceed your data allowance.

My Data Manager

Another free app that will help you track your data usage is My Data Manager. The free app has been highly rated by users. It’s one of the cheapest and effective ways to keep tabs on how much data you’ve used in excess of your daily budget.


Onavo is not exactly a tracking app. Instead, it will enhance your data plan. The app is designed to basically help you reduce your data usage giving you a signal or reminder once you’re close to exceeding your monthly limit.