How to Choose the Best Bad Credit Phone Deals


Bad credit phone deals are very popular in the UK today for a number of reasons. It’s not only easily accessible online but it’s also super fast to get approved for. If you’ve been having problems getting a contract phone because of your poor credit rating, bad credit phone deals make excellent alternatives for the meantime. Like traditional contract phones, however, it’s imperative that you choose the right plan to get the most value out of your contract. Here are things to consider so you’ll hit the mark with your option:

Monthly Usage

Before you start shopping around for the best deal, you must take time to carefully estimate your monthly usage first. By knowing your needs, it will be easier to find the right deal. You can check previous bills if you have any or you can estimate your call, text and data usage according to how often you plan to use your phone.


Setting your budget prior to signing any deal is highly recommended. Remember that like any other contracts, a bad credit phone deal will tie you up for months. In general, you’ll be required to pay a fixed fee for 24 months. Some offers may be shorter like 12 or 18 months. Either way, you need to make sure that your budget can handle the monthly payments.

Handset Choice

Not all providers offer the same set of handset choices. If you have a specific Smartphone in mind, you’d want to double check with carrier if they offer said phone. It would be smart to check out several carriers offering the phone that you want so you can compare prices and terms with greater accuracy.

Bundle Plan

Aside from your Smartphone option, your bundle plan choice is just as equally important. Your bundle plan offers a combination of your call, text and data allowances for each month. The bundle plan will also affect how much your monthly fee will be. You need to find the right plan that is close or is perfectly in sync with your needs if possible. If you’re ready to choose a bundle, you can apply now for a bad credit phone deal online.

Hidden Fees

Also worth keeping in mind are hidden fees. One of the different ways that carriers spike up your monthly fee is by inserting hidden fees into your bill. You’d want to ask about these fees before you sign any deal. You can either call customer service or take time to read the fine print for more details about hidden fees.


Your carrier’s coverage particularly in your area is also a key consideration if you want to find the best bad credit deal. Not all carriers guarantee excellent coverage throughout UK. Make sure your carrier promises reliable, fast and excellent coverage in your area.