Best Windows Phone Apps for 2015

Nokia Lumia phones continue to draw quite a following. These phones may not be as talked about as the recently launched iPhone 6S or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 but there’s no denying the fact that Lumia phones are quite popular across the globe. If you just bought a new Lumia phone or if you’re planning to buy one, you’re in for some good news.

So far this year, Windows Phone has been offering impressive apps you can download to make your Lumia experience even more satisfying. Here are some of the best Windows Phone apps you can check out today:

Mirror Cam

If you want to add some excitement and fun to what your standard Lumia camera can do, you can download the Mirror Cam app. It’s completely free and the camera lets you create mirror images of your favorite snaps. In addition to the mirror effect, you also get to fiddle with different filter options.

Opera Mini

If you want an excellent mobile browser, look no further than the Opera Mini. Touted as one of the best browsers, Opera Mini makes sure your experience is always speedy and secure. The browser also compresses web data, which means you can save some while browsing without it eating up a huge chunk of your phone’s storage.


If your phone’s basic calculator is not enough to cater to your needs then 10Calc is the perfect app to download. It is completely free and it is available in different types of calculator. Choices include a scientific calculator, unorthodox and a programmer’s calculator. In addition to the calculator function, the app also does conversions and many other functions.


Because the Instagram app for Windows Phone is not very impressive, 6tag is an excellent alternative you can download. The app is free and it works just like Instagram. It’s a third party version of Instagram featuring many of the advanced functions available on Instagram for iOS and Android devices.


If iPhone has Siri, Windows Phone has a DataBot app you can download for free. The app is a virtual talking robot created to cater to your many requests and needs. If you have a question or any other concern, just ask DataBot and you should get answers quick. The robot also helps you create presentations with voice command.

Weather in 3D

Keeping tabs on the weather is made more fun with the Weather in 3D app. If you want an advanced look on the week’s weather forecasts, the app got you covered. With its unique design and tilting function, tracking weekly weather forecasts from last week to next week is more convenient than ever.

Another Note

Taking notes on your phone and on the go is a breeze with Another Note. The app is downloadable for free. It lets you take notes using your voice. There’s no need to type if you’re feeling lazy with this app. You can record memos, to do lists and many more by just using the voice command.


IF you’re going to use your Windows Phone for everyday communications and you want to manage your call waiting and forwarding settings effectively, the Calls+ app is a good one. The app is for free and you can easily set up your preferences once you’ve downloaded the app.


One of the most popular and favorite Windows Phone apps you should download on your phone is the WhatsApp. Currently, there are about a billion users using the app. Do not be left behind. Download the app so you send free text message quick. Thanks to the latest Windows Phone update, the app now allows Internet calling.