Best Free iOS Apps for 2015


Mobile apps whether on an Android or iOS platforms are constantly update. More and more new mobile apps are also launched each month. So far for this year, the Apple App Store has added a wide array of exiting apps most iPhone users are sure to benefit from. Here are the best free apps so far this year:


Protect yourself from unquestionable merchant charges on your credit cards with BillGuard. The app lets you connect and access your credit card statements on your mobile phone. But the biggest advantage of the app is the fact that it warns you and flags merchants who may charge your account for products or services you’ve forgotten.

Converter Plus

iPhone units have a very simple calculator. If you want more advanced functions, you can download the Converter Plus. It’s not only a calculator but it is also a converter. Whether you want to convert currencies, weights and other metric or imperial measurements, the app got you covered.


If you want quick access to your documents, photos and other digital files across different devices, what you need is a reliable syncing app. Dropbox is one of the best apps that can seamlessly sync and store your files in one accessible place. It’s for free and has an option to upgrade if you need a large storage space.


Perfect for frequent travellers, GateGuru is your gateway to quickly finding excellent restaurants, retailers and other services within the area you are travelling to. The app is full of information and reviews in addition to tips, maps and flight information.

Google Maps

When it comes to the best map apps, nothing beats Google Maps even for iPhone users. Whether you’re travelling to a new city or simply finding your way to the best restaurant in town, Google Maps will give you a fun, animated and accurate route to where you’re going.

Keeping tabs on your finances is now possible on your mobile phone with the app. The app will allow you to manage your finances by tracking how much you’re earning and spending each month. You can create your budget and record a detailed account of your earnings and spending giving you insight about the status of your finances even on the go.

My Data Manager

If you tend to exceed your monthly data allowance then what you need is a dependable app that will help track your usage. My Data Manager is one of the best tracking apps for iPhone users. It’s free to download and it lets you stay within your limit without fuss. Just set it up according to your phone contract’s data limit and the app will do the rest.


MyFitnessPal is used by millions of users when tracking exercises and calories consumed. If you’re aiming to lose weight and keep a healthy lifestyle, MyFitnessPal is the best app you can use on your iPhone. It’s user-friendly and free to download as well.


If you’re a constant web browser and you want to save articles you can go back and read later, Pocket is your best friend. The app will save articles, videos and other online pages you want to access later. It also removes advertisements ensuring that you’ll have a fuss-free reading experience anytime, anywhere.


Another fitness-related app worth downloading is the Runtastic. This is one is especially suited for runners, joggers, cyclists and kayakers. The app tracks your activities in a smart and user-friendly way. Dedicated runners may opt for the Runtastic Pro at a cost.