Best Windows Phone Apps for 2015

Nokia Lumia phones continue to draw quite a following. These phones may not be as talked about as the recently launched iPhone 6S or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 but there’s no denying the fact that Lumia phones are quite popular across the globe. If you just bought a new Lumia phone or if you’re planning to buy one, you’re in for some good news.

So far this year, Windows Phone has been offering impressive apps you can download to make your Lumia experience even more satisfying. Here are some of the best Windows Phone apps you can check out today:

Mirror Cam

If you want to add some excitement and fun to what your standard Lumia camera can do, you can download the Mirror Cam app. It’s completely free and the camera lets you create mirror images of your favorite snaps. In addition to the mirror effect, you also get to fiddle with different filter options.

Opera Mini

If you want an excellent mobile browser, look no further than the Opera Mini. Touted as one of the best browsers, Opera Mini makes sure your experience is always speedy and secure. The browser also compresses web data, which means you can save some while browsing without it eating up a huge chunk of your phone’s storage.


If your phone’s basic calculator is not enough to cater to your needs then 10Calc is the perfect app to download. It is completely free and it is available in different types of calculator. Choices include a scientific calculator, unorthodox and a programmer’s calculator. In addition to the calculator function, the app also does conversions and many other functions.


Because the Instagram app for Windows Phone is not very impressive, 6tag is an excellent alternative you can download. The app is free and it works just like Instagram. It’s a third party version of Instagram featuring many of the advanced functions available on Instagram for iOS and Android devices.


If iPhone has Siri, Windows Phone has a DataBot app you can download for free. The app is a virtual talking robot created to cater to your many requests and needs. If you have a question or any other concern, just ask DataBot and you should get answers quick. The robot also helps you create presentations with voice command.

Weather in 3D

Keeping tabs on the weather is made more fun with the Weather in 3D app. If you want an advanced look on the week’s weather forecasts, the app got you covered. With its unique design and tilting function, tracking weekly weather forecasts from last week to next week is more convenient than ever.

Another Note

Taking notes on your phone and on the go is a breeze with Another Note. The app is downloadable for free. It lets you take notes using your voice. There’s no need to type if you’re feeling lazy with this app. You can record memos, to do lists and many more by just using the voice command.


IF you’re going to use your Windows Phone for everyday communications and you want to manage your call waiting and forwarding settings effectively, the Calls+ app is a good one. The app is for free and you can easily set up your preferences once you’ve downloaded the app.


One of the most popular and favorite Windows Phone apps you should download on your phone is the WhatsApp. Currently, there are about a billion users using the app. Do not be left behind. Download the app so you send free text message quick. Thanks to the latest Windows Phone update, the app now allows Internet calling.

Best Free iOS Apps for 2015


Mobile apps whether on an Android or iOS platforms are constantly update. More and more new mobile apps are also launched each month. So far for this year, the Apple App Store has added a wide array of exiting apps most iPhone users are sure to benefit from. Here are the best free apps so far this year:


Protect yourself from unquestionable merchant charges on your credit cards with BillGuard. The app lets you connect and access your credit card statements on your mobile phone. But the biggest advantage of the app is the fact that it warns you and flags merchants who may charge your account for products or services you’ve forgotten.

Converter Plus

iPhone units have a very simple calculator. If you want more advanced functions, you can download the Converter Plus. It’s not only a calculator but it is also a converter. Whether you want to convert currencies, weights and other metric or imperial measurements, the app got you covered.


If you want quick access to your documents, photos and other digital files across different devices, what you need is a reliable syncing app. Dropbox is one of the best apps that can seamlessly sync and store your files in one accessible place. It’s for free and has an option to upgrade if you need a large storage space.


Perfect for frequent travellers, GateGuru is your gateway to quickly finding excellent restaurants, retailers and other services within the area you are travelling to. The app is full of information and reviews in addition to tips, maps and flight information.

Google Maps

When it comes to the best map apps, nothing beats Google Maps even for iPhone users. Whether you’re travelling to a new city or simply finding your way to the best restaurant in town, Google Maps will give you a fun, animated and accurate route to where you’re going.

Keeping tabs on your finances is now possible on your mobile phone with the app. The app will allow you to manage your finances by tracking how much you’re earning and spending each month. You can create your budget and record a detailed account of your earnings and spending giving you insight about the status of your finances even on the go.

My Data Manager

If you tend to exceed your monthly data allowance then what you need is a dependable app that will help track your usage. My Data Manager is one of the best tracking apps for iPhone users. It’s free to download and it lets you stay within your limit without fuss. Just set it up according to your phone contract’s data limit and the app will do the rest.


MyFitnessPal is used by millions of users when tracking exercises and calories consumed. If you’re aiming to lose weight and keep a healthy lifestyle, MyFitnessPal is the best app you can use on your iPhone. It’s user-friendly and free to download as well.


If you’re a constant web browser and you want to save articles you can go back and read later, Pocket is your best friend. The app will save articles, videos and other online pages you want to access later. It also removes advertisements ensuring that you’ll have a fuss-free reading experience anytime, anywhere.


Another fitness-related app worth downloading is the Runtastic. This is one is especially suited for runners, joggers, cyclists and kayakers. The app tracks your activities in a smart and user-friendly way. Dedicated runners may opt for the Runtastic Pro at a cost.

Reduce Your Phone Contract Bill with These Free Apps


Did you know that one of the culprits of your staggering phone bill is because of your excess call, text and data usage? If you are unfortunate enough to get hooked to the wrong plan, you’re bound to overspend on your phone bill each month. Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce your usage. You can switch to a different plan or use free apps that will let you send texts and make calls at no added costs as well as effectively monitor your data usage.

Here are the best apps you can download today:


Available for both iOS and Android phones, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps you can use for sending free text messages. In addition to the text features, it also allows you to chat with other users who are using the app. You can send photos, maps and more without using your contract phone plan’s data or text allowance.

Text Me!

Another app that lets you send text messages for free is Text Me! It is available in the UK and many other countries across the globe. Just like WhatsApp, you can send texts all day long without any added cost. You can also make calls and enjoy video chats with other people using the same app.


Group messages and chats are more fun with Viber. Over 200 million users all over the world currently use the app. To sign up, you’ll need to use your mobile phone number. After which, you can create group convos including up to 40 people. It also features fun and animated emoticons or stickers you can be integrated at any time during the group chats.


Pinger is available for both iOS and Android phones. Like other text messaging apps, Pinger will let you call, text and send voicemails at no added cost. You get to use a different number other than the one tied to your phone contract plan. Because there’s a voicemail box feature, you can check your messages pretty much anywhere at any time.


Available for different mobile platforms, KakaoTalk is another fun and popular free app that lets you call and text for free. If you’ve exceeded your monthly allowance for calls and texts, KakaoTalk can save the day. It features different custom themes you can switch up to make message a fun and exciting experience.


Dubbed as one of the best free call apps for Android phones, Rebtel allows you to make calls to mobile phones and computers for free. The best part about the app is that it also allows you to make international cost at a much cheaper price than what your carrier charges.

Data Usage

If you’re a heavy data user and you want to keep your usage in check, Data Usage can help you do just that. The app is available for iOS devices. Once set up, the app will monitor your data usage over a period of time. You can set thresholds so you never have to exceed your data allowance.

My Data Manager

Another free app that will help you track your data usage is My Data Manager. The free app has been highly rated by users. It’s one of the cheapest and effective ways to keep tabs on how much data you’ve used in excess of your daily budget.


Onavo is not exactly a tracking app. Instead, it will enhance your data plan. The app is designed to basically help you reduce your data usage giving you a signal or reminder once you’re close to exceeding your monthly limit.

How to Choose the Best Bad Credit Phone Deals


Bad credit phone deals are very popular in the UK today for a number of reasons. It’s not only easily accessible online but it’s also super fast to get approved for. If you’ve been having problems getting a contract phone because of your poor credit rating, bad credit phone deals make excellent alternatives for the meantime. Like traditional contract phones, however, it’s imperative that you choose the right plan to get the most value out of your contract. Here are things to consider so you’ll hit the mark with your option:

Monthly Usage

Before you start shopping around for the best deal, you must take time to carefully estimate your monthly usage first. By knowing your needs, it will be easier to find the right deal. You can check previous bills if you have any or you can estimate your call, text and data usage according to how often you plan to use your phone.


Setting your budget prior to signing any deal is highly recommended. Remember that like any other contracts, a bad credit phone deal will tie you up for months. In general, you’ll be required to pay a fixed fee for 24 months. Some offers may be shorter like 12 or 18 months. Either way, you need to make sure that your budget can handle the monthly payments.

Handset Choice

Not all providers offer the same set of handset choices. If you have a specific Smartphone in mind, you’d want to double check with carrier if they offer said phone. It would be smart to check out several carriers offering the phone that you want so you can compare prices and terms with greater accuracy.

Bundle Plan

Aside from your Smartphone option, your bundle plan choice is just as equally important. Your bundle plan offers a combination of your call, text and data allowances for each month. The bundle plan will also affect how much your monthly fee will be. You need to find the right plan that is close or is perfectly in sync with your needs if possible. If you’re ready to choose a bundle, you can apply now for a bad credit phone deal online.

Hidden Fees

Also worth keeping in mind are hidden fees. One of the different ways that carriers spike up your monthly fee is by inserting hidden fees into your bill. You’d want to ask about these fees before you sign any deal. You can either call customer service or take time to read the fine print for more details about hidden fees.


Your carrier’s coverage particularly in your area is also a key consideration if you want to find the best bad credit deal. Not all carriers guarantee excellent coverage throughout UK. Make sure your carrier promises reliable, fast and excellent coverage in your area.

Best Free Android Apps for 2015

No matter your needs or preference, the Google Play Store offers a plethora of paid and free apps you can choose from. There are a variety of categories available including productivity to social networking, video making, games, photo editing and many more. With so many options at your disposal, figuring out which apps to download and install on your Smartphone can be a tad confusing. But don’t worry because we got you covered.

If you’re looking for the best free apps for your Android phone, here are 9 of the best and latest apps for 2015:


If you love music as much as the next person, Spotify is a must have app you need to download now if you don’t have it yet. It’s free to download with an option to go premium for advanced features like no ads and offline play. If you’re sticking with the free version, you get to enjoy access to a multitude of exciting music playlists.


Are you looking for the best note-taking app? Look no further than Evernote. It’s also free to download and features a smart and intuitive interface that lets you take notes seamlessly. You can write ideas, create memory and to do lists as well as record voice reminders with Evernote.


Do you spend hours tweeting about pretty much anything under the sun? Periscope is about to make your experience even more fun and exciting. The app is for free and is Twitter’s live video streaming version. You can immediately watch lifestreams and even create your own with the app handy.


If most of the people you send texts uses WhatsApp, then there’s no better time to join in the crowd than now. The app is for free for the first year and it lets you send text messages for free. As long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can send unlimited messages all day long.


Another free app worth downloading is Snapseed. This one is especially perfect for users who love to take photos using their Android phones. It’s one of the best photo editing apps you can use. It has auto correct features as well as a manual setting.


Hailing a taxi is more convenient than ever when you have the Uber app installed on your Android phone. It has transformed the way we travel today. If you want a taxi quick, just open the app, request for a taxi and you’ll be picked up in minutes. It’s currently available in over 50 countries and counting.


If you’re a typical heavy mobile phone user, one of your most common complaints is probably about your phone’s battery life. This is where Greenify comes to the rescue. The app is for free and it was created so you can make the most of your Android’s phone battery.


If you want an app to record your runs, jogs, walks and even cycle rides, Runtastic is a free app you can rely on. The app is designed to track your route using your phone’s GPS service. You can also tailor the settings according to your preference. You can include audio cues, music and more.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Do you want a more intuitive keyboard? Swiftkey Keyboard is an alternative keyboard that should get you excited. What the app does is study your writing style to predict the next words you want to type. The app is for free and its goal is pretty simple, to reduce typing time when sending text messages.